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Life is a never-ending journey

I was born in 1964 in the small town Vimmerby in the south of Sweden. This town is known for the author Astrid Lindgren and her Pippi Longstocking and a lot of other characters.

My parents Walldy and Sven gave me an early start into the world of books. My mother often red aloud from storybooks and poetry books, and she also often talked about pictures she saw in the books. She wrote poetry and as she grew older she painted with watercolors until she lost her sight.

My father Sven had a great interest in science and gave me a lot of scientific books. I had a small library of them in my room. He taught me that the world was an exciting place where science could explain everything – now or in the future. Geology, mathematics, astronomy and biology formed my outlook on life very early. I´m so grateful for that. My mind is grounded in science and decorated with art…

In my family there are and have been some artists, and among them my father´s uncle Erik. As a child I was amazed when we were guests in his home; so many art pieces of sculpture! He was a very skilled and talented sculptor, but also a very good drawer. To visit his house, was to wander along inside a fairy tale. Beautiful, exciting and very esthetical.

As I was the only child my parents had, and as we moved a lot, I became used to be on my own and to use my fantasy. Reading books, writing my own stories, sewing, knitting and “doing things” with paper, scissors, paint, wood and later; cameras…
My much older half-brother Tommy, from my mother, had left the house when I turned four.  

As I grew older, my curiosity grew too.

I have been travelling, moving to different places (more than 30!) and I have been studying. A lot.

After upper secondary school, a lot of modern languages and Latin, I moved to Spain for some years, working into tourism at Costa del Sol. I returned to Sweden and Uppsala. At the university I studied Spanish and returned back to Spain. Later I moved from San Pedro de Alcántara in the South of Spain to the North of Sweden; Luleå, and the university. That was almost a cultural and climate shock!

I had my license to teach and master´s degree of education in the late 80s.
During many years I took part in a lot of separate courses in photography, image composition, anthropology, writing (Swedish) and journalistic writing. 
I have been running a candle making company for many years, too. 

Most of all I have been teaching children and adults. How to write, read, maths, civics, Swedish for immigrants and Spanish.

My first camera came into my hands when I had my 10th birthday. The digital editing of photos made a huge impact on me much later, in 2004.
Today I´m totally into Digital Fine Art Photography, and I prefer to label two styles of mine; “Creative Fine Art Photography” in which I put together pieces from different photos into a new one, and “Documentary Fine Art Photography”, where the photo is taken, and nothing has to be done in editing. Maybe a slight adjustment of saturation or contrast, but nothing else.
In 2002 or 2003 the process of hand made art paper in Sweden crossed my way, and I was blown away. Now I always use for my works, beautiful and premium art paper from the very old paper making factory Hahnemüele in Germany and Canson in France. All Hahnemühle and Canson papers are extremely age resistant and offer the highest life expectancy of several hundred years.

Some of my works are printed in open edition, on Epson premium photopaper – excellent poster paper.

In this web site you can see my Fine Art works for sale only.  
I will not expose works from earlier year like weddings, budoir, animals, portraits, nature or any earlier assignments of photography, nor photos from my exhibitions from the past. Less is more. 

Due to two serious accidents in which each of them I almost lost my life, and got a lot of injuries, and due to a disabling rheumatic disease, I can´t hurry in anything, any longer. I have turned into a “slow acting” digital photo artist, and I think that this improves quality in my works.

Impressions from all the moving and all the travelling in my life, mixed with my huge gratitude for having survived the accidents, are components that rule in my creative process.
My old diapositives, paper photos, pictures on cd:s and memory cards – they are let out and set free, in my works. I give them new contexts and often from a contemporary point of view.

¡Viva la vida!

Photography and the creative process with digital editing are my never-ending journey. I love it and can´t live without it. I´m totally honest and I think you can see that in my works.

Living since many years now, in one of the world´s most beautiful archipelagos (“Tjust skärgård”) in the south east of Sweden, I do think this stunning landscape, my supportive husband Svante, my brother and his family, and some really good friends, are good for my creativity, too!

Consider that the screen on your mobile or PC, doesn´t show the Fine Art in the best way. Colors can be a little bit different, and you can´t touch the Fine Art papers and have the sense of real art paper texture on your fingertips!  If you have the possibility; visit some time an exhibition where my works are represented. And please, suggest to a gallerist to invite me!

Do you want to buy a Fine Art work from me?  Please, don´t hesitate to contact me! I send signed and numbered prints (almost) worldwide, and all the Limited Edition Fine Art prints have of course a certificate of authenticity.
The slide shows on this web site, show facts about every work.

Price on request. Shipping worldwide.

Best whishes to you all from
Berit Bernelycke

e-mail: berit(at)bernelycke(dot)se